Caring For Your Corvette’s Floor Mats And Carpeting

Owning a Corvette can be a lifelong dream for many car enthusiasts. While new Corvette owners may take great care to maintain the exterior of their vehicle, they may overlook some important details and steps. For example, there is a tendency for individuals to overlook the carpeting on the floor of their vehicles.

Invest In Absorbent Floor Mats

When you get in your vehicle, the dirt, fluids and other substances on your feet will be brought inside the vehicle. Furthermore, considering that your feet will be in a fairly confined area, these substances can be mashed into the fabric of the carpeting. Once this occurs, the carpet may be permanently stained. Absorbent Corvette floor mats will minimize this type of damage as they will be able to intercept much of the dirt and fluids on your feet.

Ensure Your Floor Mats Perfectly Fit Your Vehicle

Due to the immense wear that the floor mats will experience, they may need to be replaced on a yearly basis. During this part of the process, it is vital to make sure that any floor mats that you use perfectly fit your vehicle. Failure to do this can put you at risk of losing control of the vehicle. This may sound extreme, but an improperly fitted mat can interfere with your ability to use the gas or brake pedal. Carefully measuring the dimensions of your floorboards can help you to avoid wasting money on floor mats that do not fit your vehicle.

Shampoo The Floor Mat And The Carpet Under It

Regularly cleaning the floor mats will be necessary for removing the grime that they may accumulate. When cleaning the floor mats, make sure to thoroughly shampoo both the top and bottom of the surface. Furthermore, it is also necessary to shampoo the carpet under the floor mats. Dirt can get under the floor mat, and the pressure of your feet stepping on it can ingrain the dirt in the fabric of the carpet. While this may not be visible under the mat, it can contribute to stale odors in the car, and it can also damage the carpet by staining it or wearing it thin. After you have shampooed the floor mat, it should be placed in a well-ventilated area where it can receive direct sunlight. To encourage the carpet under the floor mat to dry, the windows may need to be left open. Luckily, drying both of these items should only take a few hours.