Troubleshooting Common Car Audio Problems

Many consumers spend time driving to and from work in their vehicles each day. Sitting behind the wheel of a car or truck can get boring, so modern vehicles are equipped with stereos to help provide drivers with entertainment.

Problems with your car audio system can be annoying, but there are some simple ways to remedy performance problems that arise on a regular basis. Troubleshoot common car audio problems by following these simple tips.

1. Check the quality of your antenna.

In order for your vehicle's stereo to clearly transmit the music and talk shows that you rely on for entertainment each day, a working antenna needs to be installed. Since your vehicle's antenna is located on the exterior of your car or truck, it is susceptible to damage.

Check your antenna regularly for bends or cracks that might compromise the quality of the radio signals your vehicle receives. Replace a damaged antenna with a new one to eliminate static from your car audio system's output.

2. Install a noise filter.

Your vehicle relies on many mechanical components to drive properly. Some of these mechanical systems can produce noise that is picked up by the stereo's power connection. If you notice that there is a lot of background noise in your radio's output when your vehicle is turned on, then you probably need a noise filter to eliminate this noise contamination.

A noise filter works to prevent the mechanical noises produced by your vehicle's moving parts from entering the cab of the vehicle through your car audio system.

3. Check the wattage of your stereo.

Drivers who spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel often choose to upgrade the manufacturer's audio system that comes standard in the vehicle they purchase. Aftermarket stereo systems can produce quality sound, but only if they are paired with the right components.

If you notice that there is distortion in the noise being produced by your aftermarket stereo system when you turn the volume up high, then the wattage of your new stereo might not be compatible with your speakers.

A car audio professional will be able to check the wattage on the stereo you have installed to determine if you need an amplifier or new speakers to improve the quality of your car stereo system's sound.

Understanding some of the common problems that plague car audio systems will help you better care for your vehicle's stereo system in the future. Contact a company, like Car Stereo City, for more help.