The Perks Of A Sliding Tarp System

Most truck beds, whether they are standard or flat bed, can be kitted with a camper shell. While there are many perks to putting a camper shell on your truck, you should consider investing in a rolling tarp system. These simple and effective systems are great for personal, construction, and many other types of use. It will certainly give your truck some new functionality that you will appreciate. This article explains the main perks of investing in a rolling tarp system for your truck bed.

Fully Motorized and Water Tight

First of all, you need to understand that these are state of the art devices. First of all, the system is fully motorized. You can open and close them with ease. In fact, they have wireless remotes so you can open and close with the click of a button. The control is small and will fit on your key chain. Also, the tarp is actually waterproof. When the system is closed, you can rest assured that whatever you are transporting will stay dry. The tarp is also very thick, so it serves as a theft deterrent. The biggest deterrent will actually be that fact that the items in your bed will not be visible (unlike in a camper shell).

Added Storage and Moving Capabilities

The biggest disadvantage to camper shells is the fact that they are so hard to remove. When you need to move a long piece of wood, you need to keep the back window of your shell open. Moving pieces that are too long for the bed is much easier with a tarp system. You just open the tarp a bit and slide the piece between the tailgate and the tarp. Then, just close it until it secures the pieces. It will work as a sort of tie down. A tarp is also great if you are frequently moving things that are too tall for a camper shell. You can leave the tarp fully open and use your truck bed just like there is nothing on it. The motor is very low profile and it is mounted at the front of the bed. It hardly takes away any space or reduces the storage capabilities of your truck bed.

Rolling tarps are actually very practical, even though they are not that common yet. Also, they are very durable and can be easily repaired by the manufacturer (such as Glider Systems Inc) if necessary.